No such thing

That’s the cold-hearted reality of the Mets’ world. They are sitting on a gold mine of a deal and it could blow up in their face. Put the wheels in motion. This season has disaster written all over it.

The Curse of Citi Field struck again as Chris Young (shoulder) and Jenrry Mejia (elbow) underwent surgery and Ike Davis (ankle) was sent to Port St. Lucie to begin his rehab.

Kevin Kernan, N.Y. Post.

As they watch an ever-evolving lineup shift around them, they can’t help but be struck by the irony that they are finally in a position to make the Mets go, but there aren’t enough parts. It’s like having a Ferrari with four flat tires. This is more evidence that the Mets are truly a cursed team.

Tim Smith, N.Y. Daily News.

Man, series of great points here about how the Mets are cursed, what with David Wright and Ike Davis and Johan Santana being on the DL and all, and with the two straight losing seasons and — oh my goodness — four straight years without a playoff berth. Except that one nagging issue:

There’s no such thing as curses.

Mumbo-jumbo. Hokum. Nonsense. A curse is not a reasonable way to explain away a team’s struggles, nor, really, is lumping in the 2011 Mets’ problems with those endured under the prior front-office.

For one thing, though the DL stints have been frequent this season, they have yet to prove as crippling as they were in prior years. And — the case of Wright’s injury notably excepted — the current front office’s willingness to move quickly to put a player on the disabled list marks a vast departure from the prior administration, under which players were often pushed to play through injuries (sometimes with disastrous results) and managers forced to operate with short-handed rosters.

Though the club is currently stretched paper-thin, it has to date found at least vaguely viable Major Leaguers to fill in for its injured regulars. All teams deal with injuries practically all the time. Occasionally the injuries are insurmountable. Other times, with a deep enough roster and Major League-ready fill-ins in Triple-A, a team can overcome a rash of misfortune.

The Mets are 19-22. It’s not great. They face at least another week without their starting first baseman, and a couple weeks without their best player. But they haven’t tanked yet. And it’s May 18.

If you want to investigate a real, rational explanation — beyond a “curse” — for the Mets’ injury troubles over the past few years, go to town. Trainer Ray Ramirez and his staff are holdovers from last season, but it’s hard to hold them accountable for the injuries to Wright and Davis — both of which occurred in on-field collisions.

Remember when the Red Sox were cursed?

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