One thing this site too frequently lacks is apprecation for Carlos Beltran

This is going to sound like Scott Templeton stuff but I promise you it’s true.

I got an opportunity to talk to some high-school kids in East Harlem yesterday afternoon. I miss some aspects of working in a school and I forgot how hilarious teenagers can be, so I had a great time.

The school happens to be across the street from the headquarters of Harlem RBI, a community youth baseball program through which Carlos Beltran has done a bunch of charity work. Many of the kids in the class played baseball in the program, and nearly all of those that did had a story about meeting Beltran. One guy, Rob, got to shag flies while Beltran took batting practice during his rehab stint in Brooklyn in 2009.

It was sweet. Back when I worked in a high school, I often had to rely on the television program “The O.C.” to find common ground with students, so it was pretty great to meet 14-year-olds as eager as I was to discuss Carlos Beltran’s awesomeness.

Another kid, Anton — a big Mets fan — said he wears No. 15 every season in honor of Beltran. He said this season the team’s No. 15 jersey is way too big on him, but he wears it anyway. He asked me if I could tell Beltran that.

I probably will.

Of course, the remaining Beltran haters out there will probably argue that he selfishly brainwashed these kids by giving of his time through charitable efforts or something. Nabobs nattering negatively.

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