Apparently the Mets don’t hit home runs anymore

The Mets, you may have heard, have gone 10 straight games without a home run, their longest such drought since disco.

It’s mostly randomness. The Mets, a collection of Major League hitters not even hitting poorly, have not suddenly lost the ability to put the ball over the fence. It will happen eventually, and probably pretty soon.

Some factors that don’t help: They’ve played a bunch of games at cold Wrigley and big Citi Field. And their lineup, with David Wright and Ike Davis out, contains a bunch of guys that don’t hit many home runs.

Really the only power hitters the Mets are starting with any regularity are Carlos Beltran and Jason Bay, and it’s pretty much laughable to consider Bay a power hitter right now. And that’s, ahh, that’s worrisome. Man… Jason Bay.

So in other words, I guess, this is all Carlos Beltran’s fault.

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