Brad Emaus for All-Star second baseman

More on it eventually I’m sure, but for now, briefly: I’ll believe the Mets are choosing between David Wright and Jose Reyes when I see the Mets choose between David Wright and Jose Reyes.

On to more pressing matters: Brad Emaus is on the N.L. All-Star ballot. For some reason the All-Star ballots are still filled with every team’s projected Opening Day starters every year even though a) we have the Internet now and b) you figure there has to be some efficient enough way for the league to print and distribute All-Star ballots without including Rule 5 picks that were in the Minor Leagues by mid-April. Am I missing something here? Is there some other reason Brad Emaus is on the All-Star ballot that I’m not aware of?

Anyway, the important thing is that Emaus be elected to the All-Star team. It’s fun to make a mockery of stuff, for one thing. For another, it’d be really interesting to see how the league played that one here in the This Time It Counts era of All-Star pageantry. Does Emaus get called up from Colorado Springs to play? What hat does he wear?

The Emaus for All-Star movement was suggested to me on Twitter by @whywhywhy50, who also plans to write-in Justin Turner for third base. That’s fine, but I don’t advocate taking votes away from David Wright — injury and shaky start or not — and if I’m going to support a write-in campaign for the All-Star Game, it’s going to be Tom Brady Waterslide Photo for American League shortstop.

Anyway, rock the vote. And tell your friends.

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