Reyes DL-bound

So that sucks. The bright side, I suppose, is that the Mets still have a lineup full of guys that can capably get on base and score runs even without their best hitter.

The other side is we don’t get to see Jose Reyes playing baseball for the next few weeks. But it’s probably better they play this one safe.

Obviously it has sparked a lot more talk about the Mets’ medical staff, since the initial diagnosis was that this would be a day-to-day thing and now, clearly, it is more than that. I’m not eager to defend the Mets’ medical staff here, but it’s hard to ignore the way our biases impact the way we now perceive every Mets injury.

We have decided that the medical staff and/or something about the way the team processes injuries sucks, so we cite every new piece of injury-related information as evidence of that suckitude. But of course it’s equally possible the Mets are playing this one correctly — that Reyes’ hamstring didn’t respond as well as they hoped it would to rest so they took the most prudent course of action.

Either way, here’s hoping he comes back soon.

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