If it says it in the SkyMall, it’s so

Jordan Zakarin passes along word that the following is available for sale in SkyMall, America’s most essential in-flight catalog:

SkyMall has really outdone itself this time. Among pages upon pages of ridiculous, unnecessary products, perhaps most absurd of all: Jeff Francoeur, Clutch Hitter.

If you’re playing at home, Francoeur’s career line in high-leverage situations is a hefty .252/.301/.384, meaning he is a clutch hitter in roughly the same way that Yuniesky Betancourt is a hitter, in that both men are often charged with the task regardless of if they are up to it.

In fact, since Francoeur’s career rates in medium- and low-leverage situations are well higher than in those highly pressured spots, one might even argue that Jeff Francoeur is a decidedly unclutch hitter if one believed such a thing exists at the Major League level.

But then SkyMall says otherwise, and SkyMall sells the Litter Robot.

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