Sandwiches of Citi Field: Crabcake sandwich

My wife and I hit up Catch of the Day at Citi Field on Sunday as part of my enduring quest to eat and review every sandwich available in the stadium. She got a lobster roll, of which I took a bite. That sandwich will be reviewed here after I’ve discussed it with her at greater lengths. She is a distinguishing eater of sandwiches and trusted source on such matters.

I ordered the crabcake sandwich: A crabcake on a potato bun with tartar sauce. The Catch of the Day menu actually calls it “tarter sauce,” but I follow the Wikipedia’s American English spelling. Either way, whenever I start talking about tartar sauce I inevitably say, “Let the fools have their tar-tar sauce,” in my best C. Montgomery Burns.

The damage is $15:

Crabcake sandwiches always feel a little funny to me, since you’re putting the crabcake on bread but there’s already a lot of bread in that crabcake. No disrespect to bread, of course. And it’s not anything like as strange as shoving a perfectly portable Jamaican beef patty inside a thick hunk of coco bread (which is delicious, it turns out).

The crabcake here is good. It’s not quite as crabmeat-heavy as I’d like, but when I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a crabcake that was. Maybe they just don’t make ‘em that way. And this one maintains a pretty good crab flavor.

The downside to this sandwich is that whoever put it together went very heavy on the tartar sauce, so the whole thing got pretty goopy. The tartar itself is better than the standard deli mayo-mixed-with-relish concoction, but it’s still decidedly tartar sauce: tangy, thinner mayo to complement seafood.

On the whole, this isn’t a bad sandwich. But I’d say that if I were in the mood for seafood and a) I weren’t out to review every sandwich available at Citi Field, b) I could eat a whole lobster roll without getting sick and c) I was willing to spend upwards of $15 on a sandwich at a ballpark, I’d probably opt for the lobster roll instead. The lobster roll is $17, so the markup from real-world price to stadium price seems slimmer than it is on the crabcake, plus you get a good amount of lobster meat. But more on that will follow.

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