Today in Taco Bell violence

Angered that his Taco Bell drive-thru order failed to include hot sauce, a Missouri man returned to the fast food restaurant and allegedly pulled a shotgun on an employee, who fled in fear from the takeout window.

The bizarre incident Saturday evening resulted in the arrest of Jeremy Combs, a 30-year-old convicted felon, on both state and federal charges. 

The Smoking Gun.

Yikes. Look: We all get upset when the Taco Bell employees forget to include the hot sauce or fail to provide the specific taco sauce we request. But since Combs has been arrested for 14 felony counts and thrice convicted, he might want to reserve the shotgun for… well, never.

Luckily, in my years of eating Taco Bell I’ve never been subjected to gun violence at any restaurant. The closest I can offer are a couple of minor skirmishes with drunken morons in parking lots and the following, which made for a popular post on my LiveJournal back in the day:

In February of 2004, I found myself in the frustrating position between paying for my Taco Bell at the first drive-thru window and receiving it at the second. Two cars in front of me, a black Jetta lingered at the pick-up window for what felt like an astonishingly long time — time of course being relative, with no minutes ever lasting longer then those spent anticipating burritos.

In front of me, a man in a green Explorer waited patiently until, for whatever reason, the man in the blue Mazda Tribute right behind me — who had passed the menu board but not yet paid — started honking.

Green Explorer-guy got out of his car, walked right past mine, and started slamming his hands on the windshield of the Tribute, yelling, “give some respect! give some respect!”

It was terrifying and baffling. Respect for whom? The overworked Taco Bell employees? Black Jetta? The sanctity of the drive-thru experience? He didn’t say. He just demanded respect. As you may know, Taco Bell offers MexiMelts, Mexican Pizzas and all manners of Gorditas and Chalupas, but respect is not on the menu. You can feed an orchestra for $50, but if you’re looking for the promise of respect you’re barking up the wrong menu speaker.

The situation was quickly diffused when the black Jetta pulled away and Green Explorer-guy rushed to pull his car up to the second window. Sometimes people just get a little crazy when they’re waiting for tacos.

Hat tip to all five people that alerted me to the shotgun story.

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