It’s happening

Popeye’s has created a new batch of fried chicken nuggets that feature a spoon-like curvature to them to make it easier to scoop up dipping sauce. This fast food innovation is dubbed “Dip’n Chick’n.”

This is a really good idea because I’ve often found that traditional sauce delivery methods are much too slow. You have to open up the sauce cup and dip your nugget in, and then you only get a light slathering of sauce. Now each nugget becomes its own sauce trough, allowing me to ladle on the flavor down my gullet with speed and alacrity.

Ben Popken,

Oh hell yes. Your move, every other fast-food fried-chicken place.

Scoop-shaped Tostitos make a hell of a lot of sense to me, but I had never before considered the need for scoop-shaped fried chicken.

The only trouble I ever have getting the appropriate amount of sauce on my chicken tenders is when the sauce comes in a container too narrow for the tender. Usually a situation like that can be rectified by dipping the chicken at a different angle, but before that happens I get so frustrated that I just clench the chicken tender in my fist and smash the little cup into oblivion.

Either way, though, you’d think it would be easier to alter the size of the sauce container than the shape of the chicken itself. But then you and I lack vision.

Via Corey.

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