And they’re blue

Moving sucks and everything hurts. I’m back in the office today, trying not to think of all the boxes piled up in my new apartment waiting to be unpacked.

While I was without the Internet, the Mets apparently announced they’re reconfiguring the Citi Field walls. Presumably you knew that already. But maybe you haven’t yet checked out Gerard Schifman’s work at Roosevelt Avenue Rant, investigating Citi Field’s effects on line-drive hitters. His big finish:

You’ll notice that as LD% goes up, less home runs are hit both on the road and at home.  On the road, Slugging remains fairly constant, slightly decreasing as LD% increases.  But at Citi Field, as LD% goes up, fewer home runs are hit and Slugging hugely decreases.  So no, it doesn’t appear that the Mets have regained any total bases as a result of the ballpark’s dimensions, further justifying the forthcoming changes.  The BABIP and Slugging differences show us that the ballpark is currently the punchless hitter’s dream.  Hopefully now, with reconfigured dimensions, the Mets can channel their inner Ike Davis a little more than their inner Luis Castillo in 2012.

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