Tale of the tape: NBA Nuclear Winter vs. Nuclear Winter

David Stern referred to the recent breakdown in NBA labor negotiations as “the nuclear winter of the NBA.” Let’s see how it stacks up to the real thing:

NBA Nuclear Winter Actual Nuclear Winter
Refers to A season without NBA basketball The atmospheric consequences of nuclear war
Causes Impasse in negotiations between players’ union and owners Dense smoke from nuclear explosions and burning urban areas rising into the stratosphere, blocking out the sun and prompting drastic drops in surface temperatures for years
Most noticeable effect #LockoutLife All agriculture becomes impossible for over a decade
Understated repercussion Thousands of arena workers lose jobs in poor economy Viggo Mortensen, blinded by desperation, steals Omar’s clothes
Most unfortunate consequence Possible North American Tour for J.D. and the Straight Shot Everyone on the planet starves to death and dies

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