The new NL East

This is the new NL East. The Mets are poor. The Marlins are rich. It’s a place where you put mustard in your coffee, and cream and sugar on your sandwich. But don’t get used to the Mets being poor. They’ll have gobs and gobs of money soon enough, regardless of who owns them. There are too many eyeballs in New York for the Mets to not make money.

And the Phillies leveraged their run of success into something more, becoming a brand, a thing, in a huge metropolitan area. Even though they’ve committed millions and millions of dollars to players in their 30s through 2015, they’re not going to start a fire sale soon. The Braves have never been wild spenders, but they’ve combined a peerless player-development operation with enough money to do most of what they want.

The NL East has become the super-division of baseball. Every division has a spendthrift in their midsts other than the East. It’s the first division where when Free Agent X hits the market, you can make an argument that every team in one division could be after him. The three-way scrum between the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays has been wildly entertaining over the past few years, but there’s a chance that, one day, all five teams in the NL East will be involved in a crazy arms race, with mutually assured destruction always on the table for at least three teams.

Grant Brisbee,

Good read from Brisbee. But as he concludes, let’s wait until the Mets get rich again and the Marlins and Nationals actually get good before we go nuts with it.

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