Twitter Q&A thing

I doubt it. I think the Mets’ lack of moves means mostly that they don’t have a ton of payroll flexibility (which comes as no surprise at this point) and that they’re waiting to see which players slip through the cracks and can be obtained on the cheap.

Plus — and more importantly — it’s still only December, and they appear pretty much set in their lineup. The role-player type of guys they definitely still need to add usually find homes in the coming months. Last year they signed both Willie Harris and Scott Hairston in late January. They could use a starting pitcher to hedge against injuries and ineffectiveness, but given the going rate I imagine they’ll stand pat for a while and see if there’s one left in the bargain bin in a month or two.

I don’t think there’s any sense in the Mets’ pushing any young players into Major League action before it’s clear they can contribute at the level. Though as fans, we get excited and impatient for prospects when there doesn’t appear to be much hope for contention from the big-league club, it’s important to remember that the Minor Leagues exist for a reason. Players need to learn and grow physically and mentally against lesser competition before they’re ready to face the studs we watch 162 times a year. Plus, teams control their young players for only a limited time, and advancing a promising prospect to the Majors early could cost a club a couple of years of a player’s prime.

Obviously it’s a case by case thing: A guy like Kirk Nieuwenhuis who’s already 24 and has 83 games’ worth of Triple-A experience is a lot more likely to be given the benefit of the doubt if he looks awesome in Spring Training than Matt Harvey or Jeurys Familia. But I’ve seen fans unironically suggest the Mets “just go for” a full-blown youth movement by traiding David Wright and inserting Wilmer Flores at third base, and that’s absurd.

Plus, not for nothing, the Mets already have a bunch of young players in important roles. Right now they’ve got relatively young players slated for catcher, first base, shortstop, right field and two rotation slots.

I was not aware until right now, but apparently Colin Quinn is just straight-up antagonizing people on Twitter, tweeting about how great he is at everything and how stupid football is — stuff like that. Then he retweets all the nasty replies he gets. Pretty solid trolling, and a good way to make use of a well-followed Twitter account.

My issue with it is that I’ve never found Colin Quinn funny in any way. All a matter of taste, of course, and part of it is clearly bias: I loved Norm MacDonald so much that I was bound to hate whoever replaced him as the Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live. But truth is, I liked Kevin Nealon a lot too and I eventually warmed up to MacDonald.

Never happened with Quinn, at least in part because I never once laughed at anything he said. Maybe it’s all some sort of large-scale trolling performance? It seems like other comedians really like Quinn, so maybe behind the scenes he’s hilarious and he’s playing some massive joke on everyone. If he landed a gig on Saturday Night Live as part of that, then that’s pretty awesome.

But I doubt it. This is a longer discussion, but I’ve always found that when looking at abstract art that doesn’t appear particularly skillful, I find it easier to grasp if I learn that the artist was once an adept portraitist who abandoned traditional methods to start painting with his ass or whatever. So if I knew Colin Quinn to be funny in the first place, I’d have no trouble finding this trolling hilarious.

I assume he wants to take a below-market deal to return to the Mets because he’s so grateful for the way he was treated by the fans, the media and the team on the last go ’round. Right? Right?


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