Top Things of 2011 No. 6: Chicken-fried steak for breakfast

This one will be brief: I can think of at least four times in 2011 that I ate chicken-fried steak for breakfast, and I’m certain it’s going to happen at least once more before the year is up. Chicken-fried steak is about the single most indulgent food imaginable, and for some reason you’re allowed to count it as breakfast. Oh, and in its breakfast variety it comes smothered in country gravy, which is the best thing.

With apologies to Ron Swanson, I’m not a huge breakfast guy. I love bacon and sausage, but eggs independent of egg sandwiches often make me feel sick (I don’t know why they don’t on a sandwich) and I usually don’t crave anything as sweet as syrup-drenched pancakes or french toast immediately upon waking up. Don’t get me wrong: I like all those foods, and at times I’m sure I’ve proclaimed them all delicious. But if I had to rank my top breakfasts, it’d look like:

1. Things covered in country gravy
(Huge break)
2. Everything else

Basically it’s chicken-fried steak, biscuits and gravy or GTFO as far as I’m concerned. Cardiologists, I assume, feel otherwise, and it is with respect to them (and my wallet) that I eat a bowl of high-fiber cereal most mornings instead of amazing fried steak.

Anyway the point is for some messed-up reason someone decided chicken-fried steak covered in creamy country gravy should count as breakfast, because hell f#@$ing yes this is America.

I know you want to know where in particular you should check out for fried steak. Off the top of my head, the only place I can think of is the Blue Benn Diner in Bennington, Vermont — and there I’m not even sure I’d recommend the chicken-fried steak over the ridiculous variety of other awesome things on the menu.

But basically, if you’re sitting at breakfast and mulling over what to choose and there’s chicken-fried steak on the menu, I think you owe it to yourself to go that direction. C’mon. You only live once, and you’re going to die someday regardless. Might as well eat more fried steak.

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