I’m still learning new things about Terry Crews

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the actor Terry Crews. After seeing The Expendables, I wrote this:

Put The Expendables down on the list with every other movie ever made (except possibly Idiocracy) under the heading “Films that have underutilized Terry Crews.”

Don’t get me wrong, Crews was awesome in The Expendables, but there should have been way more of him. This man is a towering talent who needs a better vehicle. I’m not kidding. I watched every episode of Everybody Hates Chris only because of how amazing he was in it. He took a mediocre sitcom, put it on his giant shoulders and carried it into hilarity.

I feel like because he’s a huge, jacked black guy, Crews is doomed to get typecast in Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. roles. But he is clearly capable of so much more than that. I would go see Eat Pray Love on opening night if Terry Crews played the romantic male lead. Or the Julia Roberts part. Whatever. Dude is unbelievable.

Then before seeing Moneyball, I suggested it would have been better-served with Crews in a lead:

We don’t spend nearly enough time discussing how great Terry Crews is. I watched about a half hour of the movie White Chicks the other night because it had Terry Crews in it. Guy steals every scene he has ever been in.

But despite all my appreciation for the man’s appreciable talents, I did not know until today that Terry Crews actually spent seven years as an NFL defensive end. Blowing my mind right now. Da Vinci is blushing.

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