A plea for bacon at Shake Shack

Drew Magary at Deadspin wonders why Shake Shack does not offer bacon. Language predictably NSFW.

It’s a valid question. Readers of this site must know how I feel about bacon, what with the way I write about bacon like once a week and talk about it in nearly every podcast and even smoked my own bacon that one time. But oddly, I’ve never finished a Shake Shack burger and thought, “man, I really wish that had bacon.”

I’ve certainly wished bacon was available at Shake Shack while looking at the menu board, because immediately when I see a list of burgers my instinct is to scroll down until I see mention of bacon. But everything about the Shackburger feels so perfect when I’m eating it that I never want anything additional that might throw off its delicate balance of awesomeness.

For what it’s worth — and to demonstrate my commitment to bacon cheeseburgers, lest it be doubted — I remember the first time I ever ate a bacon cheeseburger. I was nine years old and eating at the Friendly’s in Manchester, Vermont with my family.

I often ordered bacon cheeseburgers before then. I really liked bacon and I really liked cheeseburgers, but my nine-year-old mind couldn’t process the idea that they might taste good in conjunction, so I’d pull the bacon off the cheeseburger and eat it as a delicious little appetizer. This particular time in Vermont, my brother noticed me pulling the bacon off and convinced me to try the cheeseburger with the bacon in place, and then… well, holy f@#$ing s@#$, that’s synergy.

The Friendly’s is still there, though I think it has been remodeled by now. I even remember where in the Friendly’s we were sitting that evening and how every member of my family was oriented at the table when it happened. Sort of a pivotal moment, you guys.

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