98% of chambers reporting

This post will bump the Wu-Tang poll off the front page of TedQuarters, and I’m now willing to call this one for Method Man.

I didn’t vote that way myself, but I’m not going to get on here and tell you why I disagree because that would mean railing against Method Man, and let me make it perfectly clear right now that TedQuarters is not a forum for negative things about Method Man. Plus, he’s charismatic as hell and has been responsible for some of my favorite hip-hop songs ever, plus he was in The Wire, plus How High was hilarious, plus I once saw him going into my favorite wing place in Brooklyn.

Anyway, in honor of Mr. Mef’s victory I watched the video for M.E.T.H.O.D. Man, which I’d either never before seen or hadn’t seen since the mid-90s. Turns out it’s hilariously literal, up to and including Method Man showing you how he’s got a 40 and he’s got a shorty.

The woman steals the show, really, mostly because she looks like she might be Method Man’s real-life girlfriend participating only to humor him. Her boredom oozes off the screen. Plus she has amazing 90s hair. That part’s at 2:10. Lyrics obviously NSFW:

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