Twitter Q&A part 2

I just moved back to the city in November, so it’d probably be bad form to whine too much about all the theoretical tourists that would have come along with the Olympics, plus the various logistical nightmares it would inevitably bring. All that would certainly suck, though, especially when you consider many longtime New Yorkers struggle with the basics of subway etiquette.

But it would especially suck — and Tom knows I feel this way — to go through that in the name of Olympic sports, which mostly suck. One guy runs faster than the others. Some judge finds some routine more compelling than the rest. Flags are flown and anthems are played, and then within a year no one outside the discipline really remembers what happens. Call me a xenophobe, but I’d rather watch a mid-August Pirates-Astros game every single time.

Badminton is pretty cool though.

To be honest, I don’t eat candy bars very often. When you eat as much fried food and starch as I do, you’ve got to make concessions somewhere to not be dead by now, and for me that generally means cutting out the most intensely sugary foods. Plus, it’s kind of a long and unfortunate story but I’ve been down on chocolate since this summer.

Bottom line, I’d take a piece of cake, a cupcake or some sort of Drake’s Cake over candy most of the time, and if I am eating candy it’s almost always going to be Gummi Bears — Haribo, if possible, and preferably frozen. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think candy bars are delicious. If I had to rank my top five of the ones , I’d probably go:

1) 100 Grand
2) Whatchamacallit
3) Twix
4) Take 5
5) Butterfinger

I guess I’m a big fan of caramel in candy bars. Also, that’s discounting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Reese’s Pieces, since neither is a candy bar proper. Furthermore, Snickers are way better than Baby Ruths even though they have similar ingredients. Also, I really like Heath Bars crushed up in ice-cream concoctions, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had a Heath Bar.

Finally, I’d say David Wright is more likely to rebound than Jason Bay, Andres Torres, or Johan Santana.

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