Dale Thayer’s mustache is in the best shape of its life, and also no longer with Dale Thayer

When the Mets first cut Dale Thayer in June, I wrote:

Thayer will head to Buffalo, but where the mustache goes from here is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it catches on above another Major League lip or takes time off to travel.

Yesterday, the Mets tweeted a photo of lefty specialist and masterful videobomber Tim Byrdak sporting something that looks a hell of a lot like Dale Thayer’s rejuvenated, slightly retooled mustache, misidentified as a goatee:

Note that the facial-hair pattern in question does not connect on Byrdak’s chin, so it is not a Van Dyke or goatee but a horseshoe mustache. It is very clearly Dale Thayer’s mustache muscled up after a long offseason, proudly adorning the face of a pitcher much more likely to last the season with the big-league club.


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