Team Orange triumphantly defeated Team Blue today, 3-2, bringing great shame to wherever it is Team Blue hails from and likely earning an earful from manager Wally Backman.

After Blue took a one-run lead in the top of the sixth inning against Jeremy Hefner, Orange centerfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis responded with a two-run home run off lefty Daniel Ray Herrera. Nieuwenhuis’ go-ahead blast reached the picnic tables beyond the right-field berm, which would have been really exciting for anyone sitting there if there had been anyone sitting there.

But there weren’t because it was an intrasquad game.

With his team up 3-2, fearsome Orange closer Frank Francisco came on for the save in the top of the 7th and pitched quite kroddily, walking two batters but escaping without allowing a run. Tim Byrdak came on to pitch the bottom of the frame for Blue even though Orange had already won the game, but I didn’t see it because I left, assuming they were playing by regular baseball rules.

Jeurys Familia threw two strong innings in the losing effort for Blue, walking one, striking out two, allowing no hits, and prompting lots of people to discuss how exactly it is you pronounce his name. I’m told it’s HAY-your-is, like if you knew a guy named “Youris” and you needed him for something so you were like, “Hey, Youris!”

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