Johan Santana still happening

Johan Santana played catch with Mike Nickeas this morning on Field 2 at the Mets’ complex in Port St. Lucie, then moved over to the bullpen outside the Mets’ clubhouse, made some throws from the back of the mound, then took his rightful place atop it for some proper pitching practice.

About halfway through the session, pitching coach Dan Warthen stepped into the batter’s box to simulate a hitter. From my perspective, about 10 feet to Santana’s left and maybe five feet behind him, I could see the signs Nickeas threw down and watch as Santana manipulated the ball in his glove, wound up and fired.

After one well-placed changeup at Warthen’s knees, Santana shouted, “What’re you going to do with that?”

Later, after the Mets’ one-time ace put a slider on the inside corner to Warthen in the lefty hitter’s box, the pitching coach laughed. “Can you start today?” He called out.

Near the end of the session, Santana announced, “two more hitters.”

“Do you want a lefty first, or a righty?” a coach asked.

Santana turned, shrugged and smirked. “Doesn’t matter.”

I’m just going to post the video now because it’s hard to keep typing with my fingers crossed:

Your browser does not support iframes.

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