The unconditional glory phenomenon

Briefly: This is the day for filling out NCAA Tournament brackets, as you probably know. As you might also know, I have a horse in the race.

Every bracket I fill out will have the Georgetown Hoyas going all the way. I actually think they have a shot this year, but that has nothing to do with it. Every year Georgetown is in the Tournament, I pick them to win it all.

A bunch of people will be all, “Oh, well I have my team too, so what I do is fill out one bracket with my team winning and one bracket with the team I think will win,” like that’s some sort of genius innovation. It’s b.s. if you ask me. And it establishes a messy scenario in which I might stand to win money by my team losing, and I never want to face that.

I want unconditional glory: My team winning and, if at all possible, winning me a lot of money. Oh, and when Georgetown loses in the first round, I usually stop paying attention altogether.

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