2012 Mets music choices I’ve noticed so far

Johan Santana still warms up to the Santana/Rob Thomas collaboration “Smooth,” which I thought was kind of a cool song even despite its ubiquity when it came out, then grew to absolutely hate, and now find palatable only when Johan Santana is warming up to it.

R.A. Dickey warms up to the Imperial March, obviously in loving tribute to Ramon Castro.

Daniel Murphy still uses “Shipping up to Boston,” Ike Davis still uses “Start Me Up,” Justin Turner still uses “The Show Goes On,” and Lucas Duda still uses “All Along the Watchtower.” I believe hitters are allowed up to four choices, so they all might have some others as well.

David Wright definitely uses House of Pain’s “Jump Around” for one of his, possibly his third at-bat. It works.

Jon Rauch warms up to Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up,” which has always been on my short list for bullpen songs. The way the massive wall of guitar comes in at the beginning is awesome and monumental and exactly the type of sound I’d want associated with my entrance into a baseball game, especially if I were any good at baseball.

Frank Francisco came out to “Crazy in Love” on Saturday, though Twitter reports he used something else Thursday. If that’s true it could mean he hasn’t settled on anything yet or that he hasn’t provided anything to the Mets’ PA staff yet. But the Jay-Z/Beyonce song works pretty well as a closer song, since the strong beat and triumphant horns give the stadium the party atmosphere a good save situation merits.

But if he’s still thinking about it, might I suggest (not sure even the censored version would suit Citi’s family-friendliness atmosphere, but whatever):


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