The 2012 Mets: Still undefeated

I came in this morning meaning to crap on your hearts. I intended to plunder baseball-reference to look up all the times the 2011 Mets won three straight games, and maybe even some more woeful Mets teams from the past, because I’m a troll like that and the first week of the baseball season is all about reminding everyone how little the first week of the baseball season means.

But you’re not that stupid, and three straight wins to start the season are fun. Plus, though they might mean very little in the big-picture sense, a hot start for these Mets probably would have some real value to fans in its ability to stave off and/or extinguish some of the negative nonsense surrounding the team that’s grown so frustrating in recent years.

So I’ll enjoy this, and hope it continues. If the Mets start 13-5 instead of 5-13 this year — even if they then go on to play exactly how we expected them to — it should be enough to keep them looking like contenders for way longer than we hoped, and keep a lot of the trolling at bay.

Probably the Mets’ pitching staff won’t maintain its 203 ERA+ all season and David Wright won’t hit .667. But then probably Ike Davis will get a hit at some point too. Lucas Duda’s 108 home run pace is legit though. Guy can mash.

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