Everything about that game — especially the news about David Wright that came down during the middle of it — sucked hardcore. The good news is that it’s one game. The bad news is that Wright’s out for longer than that.

We should get a sense of how long soon, but for now we should probably prep for a few weeks of people who are not David Wright at third base and hope to be pleasantly surprised if he shows up before then. I really have no idea. How long do fractured pinkies take to heal?

Also, did you catch the replay of the slide-back-to-first in question? Guy broke his finger and didn’t even wince.

And then there’s this. Not the best night for the Mets’ defense. Neither of these men has the baseball or appears to know where it is:

Ruben Tejada is sweet, at least. I’ll be back here in the morning, rested and regrouped. Santana and Strasburg tomorrow. The best thing about baseball season is there’s always more baseball tomorrow.

Unless there’s a travel day or the season’s over, but you know what I’m saying. Back off bro.


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