Shots fired, covered in cheese sauce

Over at the Classical, friend of the site and usually reasonable dude David Roth demonstrates the type of rigid thinking that hinders science and keeps potential Major League contributors languishing in Triple-A, trashing Citi Field’s new “pastrachos” mostly because they’re “basically a Reuben sandwich that has been dropped from a great height onto a pile of chips.”

The only problem I can find with that is we don’t get to see the impact, preferably in HD super-slow-mo.

The sole complaints I’ve heard from pastracho consumers thus far are that the line at the pastrami place takes forever and the ingredients can be unevenly distributed. The first seems typical of ballpark concessions, the latter typical of nacho-style products.

I offered to buy David pastrachos next time he’s at Citi, and he’s willing to give them a try. So look out for his humbled apology at the Classical, which you should be reading anyway.

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