Here’s what Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed’s business card looks like

Via Twitterer @HungryGrimace:


If there were ever a business card that could bring me to a Patrick Bateman-esque jealous sweat, it’s this one.

The “G’day!” is presumably because Creed is Australian.

“Sometimes hot, always purple” is a bit more perplexing. I guess he’s always purple because purple is one of the Taco Bell colors, so it’s like saying he bleeds Dodger Blue? But if he has unlimited access to Taco Bell, then no matter what he looks like I’m going to say he’s always hot.

Also, it’d be sweet to have an address on Glen Bell Way. This would require either living inside Taco Bell Headquarters — which would be fine — or convincing them to let you build a tiny house on the little roundabout entrance in front of their headquarters that constitutes Glen Bell Way.

1 thought on “Here’s what Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed’s business card looks like

  1. I would like to talk to the CEO of a Taco Bell. All I have done is gotten a run around. I went into one of your taco Bell’s restraints in toccoa ga 30577. I order 6 hard shell tacos there and found several pubic hairs in one taco. No one wants to refund my money all they wanted to do is offer me 2 tacos. You would have to be a fool to want to eat there. This place is the sorriest place to eat. If I don’t get this matter taken care of and someone contact me I will be getting a lawyer; I have talked to one already. Please respond

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