Mets to infuriate fanbase with tribute to once-loved player

The Mets are apparently planning a video tribute to Jose Reyes upon his return to Citi Field on April 24, and people aren’t happy about it.

Personally, I’m finding it difficult to get too worked up one way or the other. Maybe it’s because the Mets are 7-3 and Ruben Tejada’s leading the league in doubles. Maybe it’s because I try not to get too upset over frivolities.

I get that it’s weird to pay tribute to a guy who just skipped town to take more money to play for a rival, but at the same time I’d way rather watch video highlights from Reyes’ time with the Mets than whatever else they’re showing on the video board, entertaining though the 800-Flowers Kiss Cam may be. You guys remember that Jose Reyes was awesome at baseball for the Mets, right?

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