Worcester Tornadoes complete Jose Canseco

The Worcester Tornadoes of the independent Can-Am League signed Jose Canseco, meaning his amazing tweets will presumably soon take on a New England flavor (actually, it appears they already have).

The Tornadoes open with a weekend road series in Newark starting May 17, then play the Rockland Boulders in Pomona, N.Y. the next week, so New York-area baseball fans with an appreciation for spectacle and things Jose Canseco does (which is redundant) should have an opportunity to check this out in about a month’s time, assuming Canseco’s affiliation with the Tornadoes holds.

Incidentally, the Can Am League home run record belongs to Eddie Lantigua, whose baseball-reference page will break your heart. Lantigua has played 13 games above A-ball, all of them in Double-A, and spent parts of 16 seasons playing in Indy Leagues.

After a year off in 2010, the Puerto Rican-born Lantigua returned to the Can Am League in 2011 as part of the NYSL Federals, a squad formed to give the Can Am League an even number of teams which had no home stadium, went 15-78 in its season of exclusively road games, and which has since folded.

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