R.A. Dickey makes remarkably convincing Old West sheriff

The Mets took their Western road trip to heart and wore costumes to match the occasion. Amazin’ Avenue and ESPN New York have photos. Daniel Murphy is the least convincing cowboy, which makes sense because I imagine if someone in 1850 were like, “Hey, Old West Murph, come help me rassle some steers,” he’d be all, “not now bro, got to get my cuts in first.” And everyone would wonder what the hell he was talking about, at least until a barnstorming base ball club moseyed on into town and Old West Murph promptly hit .320 against them.

R.A. Dickey’s look wins in a landslide, so much so that you have to figure Dickey just dresses like this sometimes and the rest of the Mets agreed it was cool enough for them to make a whole thing out of it. Only then once they did they realized none of them could pull it off like Dickey can so it was a bad move to try to compete, like that time in college I bought a leather jacket like the one Brad Pitt wears in Fight Club thinking it’d help me look like Brad Pitt.

Everything about Dickey seems to work as an Old West lawman. You figure Sheriff R.A. Dickey would be wily and just, contemplative and empathetic but aware of his responsibilities and willing to bear their burden to keep scoundrels at bay.

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