Meanwhile, in residual Cold War Era hostility

Chipper Jones exited Coors Field late Saturday night incensed that Jamie Moyer had accused him of relaying signs from second base. The Braves’ third baseman continued to talk about the incident when he returned early Sunday morning.

Jones said he believes Moyer is paranoid because he spent most of the past five years playing for the Phillies, a team the 40-year-old third baseman said is known for stealing signs….

Jones revealed on Sunday morning that his anger increased when he learned Moyer came to the plate in the bottom of the fifth and told McCann, “that’s how people get hurt” in reference to his belief that some Atlanta players were stealing signs.

“At that point, I told [Todd] Helton and Tulo to tell [Moyer], because he was already out of the game by then after those 900-foot homers with nobody on base,” Jones said. “I said he could meet me in the tunnel to discuss it and I never heard back.”

Mark Bowman,

Oh boy. There’s so much to chuckle at in this story, first and foremost 40-year-old Chipper Jones vaguely challenging 49-year-old Jamie Moyer to a showdown in the Coors Field tunnel.

Perhaps even funnier than that, though, is Chipper’s insistence throughout the story that he has never stolen signs, as if admitting to doing so would be a mark against his Hall of Fame candidacy. And maybe he really never has, but if not, why not? It’s not against the rules and it helps your team win. If they believe they can get away with it without earning themselves some beanballs, all players should try to steal signs. The goal is to win the game, not the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Moyer is probably especially vigilant about it because he doesn’t have much recourse. Though a 77-mph fastball to the ribs would sting the hell out of you and me, it’s probably not something Major League hitters live in fear of.

You know who probably hates sign stealing? Old-school baseball bro Cole Hamels.

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