The Adjustment Bureau

Flash back to March of 2011, a Mets off day in Port St. Lucie. Davis decides to see “The Adjustment Bureau,” a movie about career vs. happiness. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are in love, but a shadowy organization tries to keep them apart, because their important careers will be spoiled by a relationship.

On the way out of the theater, Davis and then-third base coach Chip Hale run into one another, and discuss whether they would rather find true love, or hit 800 home runs.

“Gotta go with the home runs,” Hale says.

“I would take the true love,” Davis argues.

Andy Martino, N.Y. Daily News.

Well that’s gonna make ’em swoon, Ike. Of course, there’s a minor, unfortunate chicken-egg scenario, since, as they say, chicks (and dudes) dig the longball. Still, you have to figure if he can rattle off a few more backbreaking 430-foot bombs like the one he hit Wednesday in Philadelphia, he’ll again earn True Love from Mets fans, if not true romantic love. And I’m still waiting on my first big-league homer but managed to win the love of a beautiful, awesome woman anyway. So there’s hope for us all, on both sides of the Mendoza Line.

All that aside, Davis could enjoy his day off yesterday seeking true love with whatever confidence comes from his most encouraging game in weeks. Andrew Keh at the Times has more on the mechanical adjustments the Mets’ coaching staff believe Davis made — and needs to make — to get out of his early season funk.

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