Sandy Alderson on Jenrry Mejia’s future

Well right now, Jenrry will be going to Binghamton for a couple of starts; he’ll probably go to Buffalo for a couple of stars. We’re still in a sense in a rehab phase with Jenrry. He’s only a year out from surgery. I did talk to the doctors as recently as a couple of days ago. He’s a very quick healer and he’s done very well. But as the same time, we need to continue to allow him to pitch on four-five days rest so he has a routine, work on all his pitches so that he has better mastery of them, and then when we get to the end of that, say, two-to-four-start cycle, then we’ll decide what he’ll do in terms of role and where he’ll do it. You know, we have other guys that are coming along — Beato should be ready by the time his disablement ends — and others that are also performing pretty well at the Minor League level that aren’t on the roster. Right now we want to preserve that roster space and see how our guys at the Minor League level develop over the next three or four weeks.

– Sandy Alderson.

There has been a lot of speculation and some anticipatory hand-wringing over what the Mets will do with Jenrry Mejia once his rehab from Tommy John surgery is done and he’s ready to re-join the big-league club. Alderson doesn’t sound overwhelmingly sure he’ll make Mejia a big-league reliever just yet, plus the situation is a bit different than it was a couple years ago for a variety of reasons.

Which is to say: I’ll wring my hands when it feels appropriate. This front office seems pretty committed to handling its prospects with the requisite care and it’s not on the thin ice the last one was when it made Mejia a Major League mop-up man at 20. Plus, though the Mets should try to get the best from all their prospects, they do have more than just one well-regarded pitching prospect in the high Minors now. So it’s not — to re-use a metaphor I used at the time — putting all your eggs in one basket then vigorously shaking that basket.

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