With Leather

Completist readers of this site know that: A) I’m generally down on prospects, or at least banking on prospects from the low Minors to someday contribute to Major League teams and B) I still sort of randomly pick favorite prospects and track their progress even if I know how unlikely it is they’ll ever be as good as I hope. One such prospect is lefty Jack Leathersich, who earned my attention based on his awesome name and even more awesome strikeout rates. Toby Hyde has an interview with the young man, who was recently promoted to High-A St. Lucie.

Leathersich’s first 36 2/3 professional innings have gone about as well as any pitcher could ever hope, for what it’s worth. He has struck out 63 batters in that span while walking only 11, yielding 16 hits and no home runs. He has a 0.74 ERA. Yeah, he’s probably ready for High-A ball.

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