Chase Field has a giant Randy Johnson

I’ve heard some people be all, “Oh, this team (or that team) has an on-field character race thing. That’s lame, that’s the Brewers’ (or the Nationals’) thing.” And while I agree that originality should be credited for in-stadium promotions, I also think every baseball game stands to benefit from people in ridiculous costumes racing each other between innings. So I fully support the Diamondbacks’ legend race, which features Luis Gonzalez, Matt Williams, Mark Grace, and this guy:

In other Chase Field in-stadium promotions news — and as mentioned on last week’s podcast — they also have the greatest in-stadium promotion I’ve ever seen. It’s called “Will it Float?” They take a fan near the pool and then show him some object, and he has to guess whether it will float. Then they throw it into the pool and see if it floats. It rules.

Hat tip to Will for the photo. He’s the guy on the left. On the right is Scott, who comments here sometimes.


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