David Wright Awesome Watch: Yup

If you were tracking David Wright’s brief chase for a .400 batting average, you might be disappointed now that he’s only hitting .352 for the season. You might even figure he has tailed off a bit. You’d be wrong though.

Check it out. Here are Wright’s OPSes by month:

April: 1.064
May: 1.000
June: 1.042

What happened to Streaky David Wright?

Wright’s batting average has tailed off a little after his blazing start as his batting average on balls in play has normalized, but he has made up for it with a bit more power of late.

Also, Wright, so plagued by strikeouts in the last few seasons, has struck out only twice in 48 plate appearances in June. For the season, he has struck out at a 12.8 percent clip, well below not only the 22.9 percent rate he maintained from 2009-2011 but also the 16.4 percent mark he averaged from 2004-2008. He is walking more often than striking out for the first time in his career, and walking more and notching extra-base hits at a higher rate than he ever has in any season.

We’re still less than 40 percent through the season, but the Wright we’ve seen so far is not the good but underwhelming 2009-2011 version or the awesome 2004-2008 version but some even better upgrade, David Wright 3.0. And it’s spectacular.

Also, lost in the awful Subway Series sweep by the Yankees this weekend was this, the longest home run hit by a Met this season:

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