Foul play suspected in Bieber-Putz episode

OK, I know what some of you are thinking. This story has gone from “charming, oddball coincidence” to “too good to be true.” It was one thing that Putz just happened to pull a random and precious Bieber autographed card from some boxes that Panini employees just happened to hand one of his Twitter-happy teammates. But now, instead of giving his girls the card, Putz is taking them to a Bieber concert that just happens to kick off a tour starting … in Phoenix, where perhaps the whole Putz clan could meet Justin Bieber and get another autograph.

We are to believe that these are just a series of coincidences? Somebody might have gotten played.

David Brown, Big League Stew.

My headline initially called it the “Putz-Bieber episode” but I figured the “Bieber-Putz episode” would be much better for search engine traffic.

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