Is Cole Hamels true SABR?

“When I was young and dumb and naïve,” Hamels said, he paid attention to the won-loss record, “because everyone talks about a 20-game winner, and it makes you feel like you’re the greatest pitcher ever until you start seeing and experiencing it how wins aren’t really decided by a pitcher. They’re decided by your team.”

Zach Berman, N.Y. Times.

What the…? That’s not old-school baseball! You know what’s old-school baseball? Pitching to the score, or at least convincing people that you are.

Also very old-school baseball:

Also worth noting: Hamels is awesome at baseball, old-school or otherwise. I caught myself gaping at his baseball-reference page the other day. Someone’s going to give ol’ Cole a hell of a lot of money this offseason, which should mean all sorts of new shoes and dog-backpacks and glamor shots.

Hat tip to Tom Boorstein.

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