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The Bisons’ bats came out to support Garrett Olson on Wednesday in a 9-4 win for the good guys. Some notes:

– Valentino Pascucci celebrated his Triple-A All-Star nod with three doubles, a walk and five RBI. Pascucci’s been slumping pretty hard and, by his account, enduring some of the worst luck he’s ever had in his career — hitting a bunch of line drives right at people. All the doubles today were crushed, one to right-center, one down the left-field line, the third over the left-fielder’s head. With Vinny Rottino getting claimed by the Indians today and the Mets still in need of some right-handed pop… could this finally happen? Is Jason Bay’s return the biggest impediment to Pascucci glory in Queens?

– If Josh Satin stays this hot, someone’s going to consider harnessing him as an alternative energy source. He has 14 hits in his last 23 at-bats with a double, two homers and four walks.

– Left fielder Fred Lewis went 2-for-3 with two walks and a double. In his last five games, Lewis is 10-for-19 with two doubles, two homers and four walks. Lewis, 31, is a longtime TedQuarters favorite who would probably have seen time with the big club by now if he didn’t hit left-handed. He’s not on the 40-man, but in an ideal world he’d probably be a better fit for the Mets’ current roster than one of the excess middle infielders. Lewis also made this play in Tuesday night’s game:

– Duff’s, the wings place recommended by Catsmeat and plenty others, was closed by the time we finished up last night. We instead tried Gabriel’s Gate, as suggested by multiple Twitterers. The wings were delicious. I can’t say they’re the best I’ve ever had or that they’re better than anything I’ve had in New York City. But for all its sports bars, the Upper East Side seems to lack a great wing joint, so these were much appreciated. Freshly fried and crispy, good Buffalo flavor and the right amount of spice to make ’em burn but not hurt.

– Pedro Beato came on to relieve Olson with one on and one out in the top of the 7th. He got out of the inning unscathed, then yielded an unearned run in the 8th after a Jordany Valdespin error, a balk and a double. Beato’s fastball sat around 93-94 on the stadium gun here, and, though he walked two batters, he threw 16 of 24 pitches for strikes. Beato has pitched effectively for the Bisons. I imagine if his velocity is routinely in the low-to-mid-90s — it had been down a bit, apparently, upon his return from the disabled list — he’s the next call for the big-league team’s bullpen.

– The on-field character race here features two types of Buffalo wing and a ramekin of bleu cheese. There’s also a celery stalk, but the celery stalk has not raced in either game we’ve seen. Rumors around the press box say that the celery stalk has a pulled hamstring and/or is abstaining from racing for philosophical reasons.

– Jordany Valdespin singled, tripled, turned two double plays and booted an easy grounder.

– I had another beef on weck.

– If you care, Wikipedia Wednesday is Thursday this week. I hope.

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