Updated Hairston ranks

Italics denote preeminent Hairston status.

Hairston Years active Games Hits HR OPS+ WAR Cycles Grand Slams
Sam* 1951 4 2 0 219 0.1 0 0
Jerry Sr. 1973-1989 859 438 30 102 5.4 0 1
John 1969 3 1 0 34 -0.1 0 0
Jerry Jr. 1998-current 1317 1064 66 87 12.4 0 3
Scott 2004-current 705 485 85 99 7 1 2

*- Though Hairston patriarch Sam Hairston only played four games in the Major Leagues, he played parts of four seasons in the Negro Leagues in the late 1940s. Per the stats on baseball-reference, he never homered, but it’s worth noting that across the four seasons, his teammates on the Indianapolis Clowns combined for only three homers. Presumably that’s either due to some absurd ballpark or an incomplete record of stats. Also, the first two Hairstons to play in the Majors — Sam and John — were both catchers. None of Jerry Sr., Jerry Jr. or Scott has spent an inning behind the plate in the Majors or Minors.

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