Taco Bell Tuesday, pt. 1

Today’s Taco Bell Tuesday bled into two posts. First, the news roundup.

Bethel residents to enjoy Taco Bell after all: Remember the awful hoax that led residents of tiny Bethel, Alaska to believe they were getting a Taco Bell? Taco Bell heard about it and came through. The company shipped the town enough ground beef, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes and shells to make 10,000 Doritos Locos Tacos. The article doesn’t specify, but presumably they’re Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme or else there’s no need for the tomatoes and sour cream.

The sad thing is that Taco Bell probably just destroyed Bethel, Alaska. The article states that the population there is “transient,” and I have to figure one taste of Taco Bell will send them all scrambling for someplace with better access to Taco Bell.

Link via Dan.

Chris Bosh enjoys celebratory Fourthmeal: Chris Bosh didn’t really enjoy partying at some hot Miami club after the Heat won the NBA Championship. He was too tired from playing basketball, and too full from stopping at Taco Bell between the game and the party.

OK, Chris Bosh, you’re back in my good graces.

(Also worth noting: Dwyane Wade’s postgame press conference flip-up glasses. The problem is, he blew it by not turning the chair around before he sat down to seal the Different World reference.)

Mundane Taco Bell high jinks: The headline: “Taco Bell chair fight leads East Bay to police marijuana grow operation.” The story: Pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

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