Mets over-unders settled

Before the season, 67 percent of readers expected Jason Bay would start more than 114 1/2 games for the 2012 Mets. He has started 21 so far and there are only 76 games remaining. So the unders have it.

51 percent of readers thought the Mets would have fewer than 41 wins by the All-Star Break. They have 46.

Also, this one’s far from settled, but 70 percent of readers expected I would eat more than 13 Shake Shack burgers at Citi Field this season. I’ve had two. The combination of Shake Shack available within walking distance of my home and my recent appreciation for the Blue Smoke fried-chicken sandwich has made 13 Citi Field Shake Shack burgers eaten by me this season appear unlikely. But it’s a long season and you can’t script baseball.

Hat tip to Rob V for reminding me.

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