Airships: Happening

You know what’s cool? Led Zeppelin. You know what’s equally cool? Actual zeppelins.

Over at, Josh Bearman checks in with Igor Pasternack, a man who has wanted to build airships since childhood. He’s developing one that can take off and land on its own and that can carry up to 500 tons of cargo — nearly twice as much as has ever been hauled through the air. Oh, and it’s awesome looking:

According to the article, if these, ahh, get off the ground, they will initially be used to ship freight to inaccessible places but “could eventually be developed into flying hotels that silently transport guests from New York to Los Angeles overnight.” Sign me up. The Hindenburg be damned.

Also, it’s worth noting that blimps and zeppelins are two different things but they are both considered dirigibles or airships, and that all four of those things have awesome names.

I yearn for a day when the skies are dotted with massive, efficient, rigid airships hovering over cities. Also, if I had an airship company I think I’d name it “Ice Cube’s A Pimp” and plaster that on the side of every one of our vehicles.

For now, we can consider:

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