$666 burger available

We took the most offensive pieces from other famous burgers and just took it up a level. I mean, what’s the point of putting gold flakes on your food? It doesn’t add to the flavor, it’s just to be able to say you ate gold flakes. So screw it, we’re going to wrap the whole patty in gold and make people eat that.

Franz Aliquo.

The food truck 666 Burger offers a $666 burger, a foie gras-stuffed kobe patty with champagne-steamed Gruyere cheese, lobster, truffles, caviar and a barbecue sauce made with Kopi Luwak coffee beans. It’s pretty funny, but it’d be funnier if Aliquo didn’t reveal himself in the same interview to be rather uptight about his definition of hamburgers. Still, their regular burger sounds like something I should try.

Via Bill.

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