Jonathan Broxton: Not the answer

I went on a brief Twitter rant about this last night in response to some Mets fans clamoring for Jonathan Broxton: Though his ERA looks good, Broxton has been nothing like the pitcher he was when he was awesome. Chris McShane spells out the details at Amazin’ Avenue.

If Broxton’s available for just money and the Mets have money to burn, then sure, the Mets should take him on just because he’s not currently a member of their bullpen. Still, if they have any sort of capped budget for taking on money, I have to believe that money could be better spent elsewhere. If it weren’t for Sandy Alderson’s steady hand at the wheel, it’d be pretty easy to imagine Broxton coming to the Mets then pitching to his peripherals, prompting all sorts of woe-is-us stuff from everywhere.

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