Wait, what?

I remember one time when we were with the Phillies [in 1991], this was before a game, Lenny [Dykstra] had blood coming out of both of his ears. He was panicked. He said, “Dude, what’s happening to me?” Somehow Lenny played that night, but with all the stuff he put in his body, you knew it wasn’t going to end well.

Wally Backman.

Seriously, does anyone know what it is you could put in your body to make it bleed from both ears? I want to know so I can continue staying far, far away from that stuff.

Click through and read Bob Klapisch’s article detailing Dykstra’s long, slow, public fall from grace. And for more, don’t miss Emma Span’s take on Dykstra for the Hall of Nearly Great.

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