Friday Q&A, pt 2: The randos

Well, Shea Stadium. But if you’re asking about the parks I’m not biased toward, it’s a great question. By my count, I’ve been to 30 Major League parks, and seen home games in every big-league city but San Diego, Oakland, Anaheim, Toronto and Tampa Bay. I haven’t seen the new or newish parks in St. Louis, Miami and Minnesota yet. Obviously I’m dealing with pretty small samples here. In many cases, I’ve only been to one or two games at the park, so my perceptions could easily be biased by good weather, good crowds or good games.

Anyhow, I think it’s Camden Yards. And I just asked my friend Scott, who has been to games in every city but Boston, and he agrees. Maybe it has something to do with being the first of the new-old ballparks, or maybe it was just so particularly well done that it prompted the trend.

It’s worth noting that I’m not nearly as hard on most ballparks as some fans. As far as I’m concerned, if they’re playing baseball there and I can see it, it’s a beautiful place. The baseball itself biases my opinions of the buildings in which it is played. But I just ranked the ones I’ve been to (rather haphazardly) and it came out like this:

Camden Yards
Coors Field
Dodger Stadium
PNC Park
Progressive Field
AT&T Park
Kauffman Stadium
Safeco Field
Nationals Park
Wrigley Field
Comerica Park
Ballpark at Arlington
Great American Ballpark
Yankee Stadium III
US Cellular
Turner Field
Chase Field
Yankee Stadium II
Minute Maid Park
Miller Park
Citizens Bank Park
Busch Stadium II
Sun Life Stadium
RFK Stadium
Stade Olympique
Veterans Stadium

Ah yes, a bands-with-bassists-as-singers question. I like both but I’m not way into either, but I’ll pick Cream because Jack Bruce is sweet and I find most of Sting’s solo work infuriating.

The site is burgundy because our man Adam Rotter had to color in the logo above and he said, “hey, Ted, what color do you want the logo to be?” And I said, “I don’t know, how about burgundy?” This site featured handsome autumnal tones for a while a couple years ago, and I thought it was about time to bring some of them back. I’ll probably mix up the colors on this new theme periodically.

Speaking of: The new theme is something of a work in progress, though I think it’s getting there. We often use TedQuarters as a guinea pig for changes on our blog network. People generally dislike changes to the way sites look, but the new setup should allow me (and, ultimately, many of our other bloggers) to do some cool stuff really easily that makes the sites more enjoyable. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, though. Also, if you’ve sent me an email through the contact form in the last couple of days, I haven’t seen it. We’re working on that, too.

I also miss the Eddy Curry wheel, but all things must pass. Luckily it’s still here with me in the office, behind the dartboard on my desk, so I can unfold it and look at it if I ever get overwhelmed by nostalgia for the old site design.

Like “jif,” like the peanut butter.

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