Potential chupacabra surfaces from East River

The apparent ‘monster’ was found and pictured by an amateur photographer who was walking under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan on Sunday…

On first glance it appears that the animal is simply a bloated pig – a theory the New York Parks Department insist is correct – but closer inspection reveals that the animal appears to have toes rather than hooves.

Online theorists speculated it may be a dog or, even more worrying, a giant rat. Other online comments suggest it could be an aardvark, a raccoon or something related to a possum.

Mark Hughes, Telegraph.co.uk.

So what is this thing?


As Hughes notes, the Parks Department claims it’s a pig leftover from a cookout, but it appears to have toes. And the vehemence with which the Parks Department is insisting it’s a pig sounds hilariously suspicious. Someone even suggested it washed up from an offshore animal-disease center.

Via the ever-vigilant Rob V.

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