Roy Hibbert is awesome

I know a lot of you don’t follow Georgetown basketball and its alumni the way I do. But if you pay any attention to college or NBA basketball and you don’t love Roy Hibbert, you’re doing something wrong.

If you’re unfamiliar, the 7-foot-2 Hibbert entered Georgetown as a gangly freshman in 2004, unable to do a single push-up and useful on the court mostly just for his height. But he bulked up in the weight room and developed into a good passer and a surprisingly good shooter, well-suited to the modified Princeton offense the Hoyas run. By his junior year, he was a first team All Big East player and helped the Hoyas to a Final Four run. Then he passed up a potential lottery-pick payoff to return for his senior year because he promised his mother he would graduate.

Across four years in the NBA, Hibbert has again improved from very-tall guy to good player, pacing the Pacers in rebounds and blocks the last two seasons and earning his first All-Star nod this year. You may know him from his excellent cameos in Parks and Recreation. He also does stuff like this, which prompted this post.

And he did this in one of the most exciting regular-season sporting events I’ve ever seen. This was the first three-pointer Hibbert ever attempted in his college career:

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