Sandy Alderson suggests Mets will win more games with better players

We need an infusion of players — productive players.

Sandy Alderson on WFAN, yesterday.

Well that’s definitely true. An infusion of productive players would help the Mets a lot.

I’m generally content to enjoy all the baseball I can during regular seasons — even lost ones — and concern myself more with the offseason when the offseason comes. Alderson should be and probably is looking toward the offseason now, seeing which players will be available and how the team can be improved. But since there’ll be no shortage of that talk in November, I figure I might as well get my actual-baseball fix before the sport packs it in for the winter.

That said, I sure hope Alderson’s looking at outfielders that might be on the market and figuring out how to get them without sacrificing too much elsewhere. I’d mention the bullpen but I figure he’s already heard that enough from the guy at the bagel store.

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